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Home Tour: #HighlandParkContemporary

We’ve been sharing little glimpses of our #HighlandParkContemporary project for quite some time now! With the launch of our new site, we figured- what better time to share an amazing makeover!? We’re diving in with a home tour and some of our favorite moments from the project.

Pulp Design Studios Entry Stair Living

Q. Who is our client and how did they find us?

A. Our clients are two busy lawyers with three girls. They love to entertain, they’re a super close-knit family and they were looking to create their forever home. A client of ours, who we are now on our third project with, referred us to them when they heard they needed a designer. Thank you! 

Q. What was the client’s project scope and why did they seek out a designer rather than attempting it on their own?

Our clients purchased a home that had a contemporary exterior, but the interior needed major help. The home just felt really good to them and they loved the location, so they purchased it knowing it would need a down-to-the-studs renovation (see the complete before & after gallery).

8.0 - BEFORE

They had never taken on a project of this scale and they knew they needed to seek out professional help.

After being referred to Pulp, they took a look at our website and projects and knew it would be a great style fit.

Q. What was the biggest project challenge?

The biggest challenge was the second floor. It previously had a mother-in-law’s suite and a strange layout. It needed a complete overhaul to accommodate this family of five. We turned the mother-in-law suite into the Master Bedroom and Master Bath, creating an amazing closet (with an office inside the closet for her).

Pulp Design Studios - Master BedPulp Design Studios - Master Seating Area

And, since their children are such close siblings, the layout of the rest of the second floor was modified so all the girl’s rooms connected. Carolina interviewed all the girls before designing their rooms and their one request was a craft room! This was a fun introduction into the design, that also provided a home for the mess that typically comes along with creating art.

Pulp Design Studios - Girls Room Pulp Design Studios - Kids BunkPulp Design Studios - Little Girls Bunkbed Pulp Design Studios - Kids Craft Space

Q. What was the most dramatic transformation?

The home as a whole was completely transformed, but the staircase is probably what modernized the home the most. We took a typical staircase, complete with ugly banister and carpet runner (see the before in our before & after gallery), and we collaborated with our architect and contractor to create a stunning floating staircase, with glass railing. It’s pretty breathtaking!

Pulp Design Studios - Stairs

Q. What was the biggest impact that design had on this family?

When we filmed our client’s testimonial video, they shared that in their previous home they were not big on cooking in the kitchen.

Now, since the kitchen was completely custom & designed with a home for everything- they not only cook more in the kitchen, but they spend more time together as a family in the kitchen.

The girls told us that they have fun cooking challenge games as a family and about how much time they spend in that space. It’s so heartwarming to hear that our clients, even the younger ones, realize the impact that design has on their daily lives and interactions.

Pulp Design Studios - Kitchen Pulp Design Studios - Kitchen2

Q. Carolina, what is your favorite space?

I absolutely love the office! It has a ton of character and warmth and is probably the most eclectic space in the house. I love that we were able to relocate the spiral staircase into this room, to keep part of the look of the original home. It’s a super functional space with a ton of character. We always say that we design for our clients and not for ourselves, but between the zebra hide, the wall covering, and the tchotchkes in-between, I would move right in.

Pulp Design Studios - OfficePulp Design Studios Office Seating Pulp Design Studios Office Details

Q. Beth, what is your favorite space?

My favorite space is the Master Bath! It’s stunning and beautifully designed. I’m a big fan of daily soaking in the bath and this tub and overall ambiance is just amazing. There’s also a hidden television behind the mirror and custom vanities for the perfect morning routine. I would probably spend most of my time in that bathroom!

Pulp Design Studios - Master BathPulp Design Studios Master Bath Detail

Q. What was your favorite part about working on this project?

Our favorite part is probably getting to spend a ton of time working together with these clients. They are an absolutely incredible family and have created a beautiful life, both inside and out.

Our clients trusted Pulp to help them create their forever home and their trust in us paid off in a major way.

Meet these clients for yourself:

See the entire project for yourself, complete with a brand new Before + After gallery:

Contemporary Warmth | a family’s forever home


Enjoy exploring!

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Welcome to the New Pulp: Our 10 Favorite New Features

We are so thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website, complete with an all new look!

A little over eight years ago when we started our business, we traded an iPod for a logo design and we built our site on our own as the start of our small business, with a big vision.

Flash forward, over eight years later: we have two bustling design studios in Dallas + Seattle, we’ve got a successful designer-curated shop, a line of product in the works, and now a brand new look with a brand new comprehensive website, all in one place.

Let’s take a little tour of our 10 favorite things about our brand new site:

  1. Our brand spanking new logo & stylish new look- Hello!
  2. Watch our new video about Pulp and our design approach!
  3. Ever wondered how we work? Our 3-Step Process is explained with a new video.
  4. See our amazing new Portfolio pages, complete with jaw-dropping Before + After galleries.
  5. Testimonials! See what our clients are saying.
  6. Our Pulp Home shop got a makeover and a new url.
  7. Pulp Home is getting a new clickable ‘Shop The Look‘ section – stay tuned!
  8. Our blog has a fresh new look with new content, created to help you live a well-designed life.
  9. For our past & present clients, we have a new once-monthly newsletter with exclusive content.
  10. Perhaps the thing we’re most excited about is now that all three sites (Pulp Design Studios, Pulp Home, and the former Hello, Splendor blog) are all in one place, we have the freedom to share a very clear vision and voice on how to live a truly splendid life –  Because, like we’ve always said… It’s not just about a beautiful home, it’s how you live in it. 

the new pulp 2015

Going back and pulling together content for this site has truly given us an amazing appreciation for what we do and a great sense of pride in what we’ve accomplished.

Sharing our story through video and getting to really express who we are as designers has been an incredible experience. When you peer through the before and after galleries, you’ll get to see the impact of great design (We have to say- we’re pretty darn good at our jobs!). Hearing our client’s testimonials really drives home how important our jobs are and how what we do truly affects lives and families. Today, we are celebrating!

Welcome to the new Pulp Design Studios! Thank you for being here. Pour yourself a drink and make yourself at home… you’ve got some exploring to do!

#SplendidWeekend: 5 Feel-Good Links


Sometimes we all just need a good laugh, and moments in our life to make us smile. Take some time out of your busy schedule this weekend to crawl into bed, relax, and follow the following links to put a smile on your face. 

1. The 2015 Emmy Awards just aired this past Sunday and to recap here are 10 moments that made the Emmy’s worth watching just in cased you missed it. All of which made me smile.

2. Trend Alert: An old favorite is coming back into style and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Bell bottom jeans are hitting the streets and are here to stay. Check out these 11 ways to wear them and stay on trend this fall.

3. A beloved disney movie, the Jungle Book, is recreated with our favorite actors! Check out the trailer here.

4. We all fell in love with Lauren Conrad years ago but I have re-fallen in love with her and her new line just revealed at NYFW just a couple weeks ago. Her new line not only is already on sale at Kohls but it is currently also FOR sale! Shop the line here!

5. After a long hectic summer we can finally take a break and relax at home. Here’s a list of “make you laugh out loud” books to read this weekend that you won’t be able to put down!


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Original photo from Helt Enkelt Tumblr


A Master Suite Makeover by Pulp Design Studios

Many times our clients come to us with a space that needs vision and needs to really speak to our homeowners. So many times our clients have difficulty translating their personal style and taste into their home style! This Master Suite renovation is a perfect example of how we transformed a lackluster space into something that oozes style, personality, and function!

Before-After-Master Suite Before-After-Master Suite 3 Before-After-Master Suite 5 Before-After-Master Suite 4 Before-After-Master Suite 2

If you have a space you’d love to give the ‘Pulp treatment’, give us a shout and tell us about your project!

Game Night Style

#SplendidWeekend: 5 Links We Love for Fall

splendid weekend links

Summer is finally coming to an end here in Dallas, and we are super jealous that the Seattle office is already experiencing cooler temperatures. Here are some of my must-haves for the upcoming fall season. 

1. Even though bathing suit season is over, stay on track with these healthy apps.

2. In anticipation of the cold weather, I’m loving this reversible scarf. The perfect way to achieve two different looks with one piece.

3. Cozy up with this soft throw for the perfect transition to cooler weather.

4.Mix up a seasonal cocktail with this delicious recipe.

5. With the impending launch of the iPhone 6s next week, splurge a little on this stylish case.


Original photo from @pundostres Instagram.

Pulp Design Studios - Living Room

Modern Great Room | personalized livable style

5 Skincare Must-Haves for Fall


Here at Pulp, we love trying new beauty products and sharing our favorite finds with the team. Our beauty routines have been changing along with the seasons, and these are a few of our must-haves for fall.


ONE: Mario Badescu Facial Spray, $12  |  TWO: GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD, $69  |  THREE: SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, $28 |  FOUR: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, $46  |  FIVE: The Lip Balm, $55


Photo: Toni Garrn for Vogue Paris, shot by Katja Rahlwes. 


Howard Wang Testimonial

The experience with Pulp Design Studios was amazing.  So much knowledge in the field and everything from design to architectural structure was done to precision!  We still reflect back and look at how beautiful the decor is. We have worked with other interior designers and bar none this was the best experience.  Carolina and Beth did such a a wonderful job.  We completely trusted them with this process and would definitely recommend them to anyone trying to design a restaurant!