Welcome to the New Pulp: Our 10 Favorite New Features


We are so thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website, complete with an all new look!

A little over eight years ago when we started our business, we traded an iPod for a logo design and we built our site on our own as the start of our small business, with a big vision.

Flash forward, over eight years later: we have two bustling design studios in Dallas + Seattle, we’ve got a successful designer-curated shop, a line of product in the works, and now a brand new look with a brand new comprehensive website, all in one place.

Let’s take a little tour of our 10 favorite things about our brand new site:

  1. Our brand spanking new logo & stylish new look- Hello!
  2. Watch our new video about Pulp and our design approach!
  3. Ever wondered how we work? Our 3-Step Process is explained with a new video.
  4. See our amazing new Portfolio pages, complete with jaw-dropping Before + After galleries.
  5. Testimonials! See what our clients are saying.
  6. Our Pulp Home shop got a makeover and a new url.
  7. Pulp Home is getting a new clickable ‘Shop The Look‘ section – stay tuned!
  8. Our blog has a fresh new look with new content, created to help you live a well-designed life.
  9. For our past & present clients, we have a new once-monthly newsletter with exclusive content.
  10. Perhaps the thing we’re most excited about is now that all three sites (Pulp Design Studios, Pulp Home, and the former Hello, Splendor blog) are all in one place, we have the freedom to share a very clear vision and voice on how to live a truly splendid life –  Because, like we’ve always said… It’s not just about a beautiful home, it’s how you live in it. 

the new pulp 2015

Going back and pulling together content for this site has truly given us an amazing appreciation for what we do and a great sense of pride in what we’ve accomplished.

Sharing our story through video and getting to really express who we are as designers has been an incredible experience. When you peer through the before and after galleries, you’ll get to see the impact of great design (We have to say- we’re pretty darn good at our jobs!). Hearing our client’s testimonials really drives home how important our jobs are and how what we do truly affects lives and families. Today, we are celebrating!

Welcome to the new Pulp Design Studios! Thank you for being here. Pour yourself a drink and make yourself at home… you’ve got some exploring to do!