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#SplendidWeekend: 5 Links for your Best Halloween Yet

I must confess, I’m not much of a Halloween person. I love to celebrate, but I like to do it in my own way… with a not-too-spooky movie, a delicious cocktail, and some homemade pumpkin seeds and candy treats. However, with small children my old ways of celebrating just don’t fly- until after bedtime, that is. Whether you want to take this weekend to be super festivious or if you want to take a more low-key approach, here are some links that will make for a great Halloween. 

  1. If you’re a Halloween introvert (like me), turn that porch light out and watch a movie from this list of The 13 Best Horror Movies on Netflix.
  2. Maybe you’ve been just too busy or had a change of heart and are ready to get dressed up, here are 50 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes.
  3. If you want to take more of a fashion approach to Halloween, here are the 11 Best Halloween Makeup Ideas – complete with tutorials.
  4. Try one of these 13 cocktails that are perfect for Halloween. Cheers!
  5. Take the test: Out of the 100 Best Halloween Candies, how many have you tried?

Happy Halloween!!

image via iModels

Top Trend from HPMKT: Global & Vintage

Like we mentioned in yesterday’s post, traveling to High Point Market each Spring and Fall affords us the opportunity to see and spot trends before they hit the market. We shared the top home trend of brass, white, & acrylic. But, today we’re here to share another trend we spotted all over market: Global & Vintage. Think 60’s & 70’s silhouettes, ethnic patterns, animal print, and tribal touches.

A we love to work with a vintage and global appeal on our interior design projects because it lends itself to a well-traveled and collected look. It adds a layer of effortless sophistication that’s uncontrived.

See some of our favorites pieces spotted at the High Point Market showrooms… And, get ready to see some of these gorgeous pieces in our projects.

We’d consider the vintage and global trend more of a mainstay. But, whatever you want to call it, we love the feel and vibe of this emerging favorite.

check out our @pulpdesigns Instagram account for more details on the items shown here.

Shop Barry Dixon

Top Trend from HPMKT: Brass, White, & Acrylic

Traveling to High Point Market each season gives us the opportunity to spot the latest trends. We get to put our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in interiors, many times 6-8 months before it’s available to consumers. This market, one of our favorite trends – one that we use in our interior design projects often – is the brass (or gold), white, and acrylic.

The combination of brass, white, and acrylic has an ethereal quality and can be introduced into a variety of styles because of it’s neutrality.

See some of our favorites pieces spotted at the High Point Market showrooms… And, get ready to see some of these pieces popping up in our projects.

Whether it’s a contemporary interior or a more traditional or transitional interior space, this trend has a place and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s the new classic.

check out our @pulpdesigns Instagram account for more details on the items shown here.

8 Stylish Door Knockers

8 Stylish Statement Door Knockers

The entrance to your home is so important. It sets the tone for what you expect to see inside the home. And, just like you’d dress up a cocktail dress with gorgeous jewelry, it’s always a good idea to dress up your door with a door knocker that tells your guest a bit about you. Make a statement about your style with these stylish door knockers…

8 Stylish Statement Door Knockers

1. Large Chinese Brass Door Knockers | 2. Pendulum Door Knocker | 3. Avalon Door Knocker | 4. Bronze Face Door Knocker | 5. Lion Door Knocker | 6. Ring on Beveled Square Door Knocker | 7. Urban Front Door Knocker | 8. Victorian Style Brass Hand Door Knocker

photo by Dmitri Korobtsov

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, February 2014

#SPLENDIDWEEKEND: 5 Links to Prepare for Fall Back

Daylight savings is coming up and winter is fast approaching. That means shorter days, and for most of us, we will be waking up before the sun has even hit the horizon. This time of year may find us falling into a slump; everything we do seems much harder and we just can’t ever seem to be fully present. We are here to help you stay inspired when our good habits begin to fade, we eat out more, go to the gym less and may even find ourselves running late for things as our bodies adjust to this new time change. Follow these 5 links to avoid the “fall back” slump and stay inspired.

  1. The days are shorter and by the time you get home from work it’s already dark which may make it difficult to feel motivated to cook.  One great solution is to dedicate some time over the weekend to “cook ahead” and prepare your meals for the week ahead.
  2. Staying motivated and inspired in work life or whatever it may be that you are doing may be harder as we head into the winter months. Follow these tips to stay motivated!
  3. Break the slump in exercise! Maybe it’s time to start a new workout routine, try something new and different that is exciting. Try these awesome outdoor routines – getting some extra vitamin D in these fall months is useful too! 
  4. In general stay happy! Follow these tips on how to be happier
  5. Sleeping patterns seem to be negatively affected the most during this transition, so be sure to follow these 6 proven steps to get a great night’s sleep.

Be sure to set your clocks back an hour on November 1st at 2:00 am and more importantly be sure to enjoy that extra hour of sleep 🙂

Image by Annie Leibovitz

Shop Accent Tables

Pulp Design Studios Vibrant Townhome Living Room Furniture

Vibrant Townhouse | a grown-up playful space

Finding the Perfect Bedside Table For You

Finding the Perfect Bedside Table

interior design by Pulp Design Studios

Making the perfect selection for a nightstand or bedside table is more important than just about how it looks. When selecting a bedside table for our clients we apply our Splendid Living design approach to determine the right piece that will enhance our client’s experience. There are several key things we like to consider for our clients:

  1. Storage needs: Is extra storage needed for clothing or other items? Or is something more sleek and open an option?
  2. Width: What kind of clearance do we have on either side of the bed? Are we working with the same widths on each side of the bed to create a pair or will they be differing sizes and need to be coordinating?
  3. Height: Typically you want your nightstand to be the same height as your mattress for optimal comfort and reach, so the bed and mattress will need to be determined in advance.
  4. Finish: Are you hard on your furniture? Do you need to worry about fingerprints or water stains?
  5. Uses: Do you drink water at night? Do you read in bed or keep magazines on your nightstand? Do you keep pills or vitamins at your bedside? There are many functional choices that need to be made to determine the surface space.

Check out some of my 10 current favorite nightstands and bedside tables…

Finding the Perfect Bedside Table For You

1. Quinn Bachelor’s Chest | 2. Chevron Nightstand | 3. Chevron End Table | 4. Jet Set Bachelor’s Chest | 5. Antibes Side Table | 6. Allure Drawer Side Table | 7. Sling Nightstand | 8. Dalton Side Table | 9. Donnelly Side Table | 10. Malone Campaign Nightstand


Pulp Sourcebook: Modern Great Room

Interior Design by Pulp Design Studios

This modern interior design by Pulp exudes warmth, and gives our homeowners the comfort to ‘do’ life in their space. Shop the style that Beth and Carolina created that pushed these client’s style boundaries, taking them from sleek contemporary to warm and modern using pattern, textural elements, and color.

Sourcebook: Modern Great Room


1. Garnet Sculptures | 2. Amina Trays | 3. Gray Hex Hide Rug | 4. Teal Ikat Pillow | 5. Walker Bone Boxes | 6. Sculpture. From Antiquity to the Present Day | 7. Art of the 20th Century | 8. Dru Small Sculpture | 9. Slate Throw | 10. Teori Pillow | 11. Intersecting Brass Sculpture | 12. Kaiden Bowl

Shop some of the other inspired furnishings and accessories here!


See the rest of Pulp Design Studios’ Modern Great Room project.

Whether you just love what we do and want to create it for yourself or you have a space that you’d love to get the ‘Pulp Treatment’, we hope that this series inspires you to live more beautifully.  And if you’d like to hire us (And, really…you should hire us!  wink. wink.) get in touch and tell us about your project!

Note: Color is in essence, reflections of light and one’s surroundings.  As a result, the color you see in our client’s space would certainly translate differently into your own.  If you are not working with a designer, play with paint samples on various walls in your own space to see if you get the effect you want.  We would also be glad to provide you with a consultation if that would be valuable.  We want your space to reflect its own beauty and your style.