Pulp In Progress: A Lakewood Mexican Mid-Century Update


As part of our Three Step Design Process, we are taking you on a tour through projects that are currently in progress. It will be a fun look into who we’re working with, what made them want to hire a designer, and how we are working with our clients to help solve some key design challenges that will improve their daily experience. Plus, you’ll get a glimpse at some of our designs before they’re completed!

Step 1: Consultation + Intake

Our busy Dallas clients reached out to Pulp Design Studios after reading about us in a magazine. A couple years prior they had completed a nearly total home renovation on their mid-century modern home. They were at the point where they needed some professional direction to finish their renovation and make their home feel more cohesive and personalized.


Q. Who is the client and what is their scope of work?

Our clients are a busy family with three children wanting to maximize the space they currently have for their growing family. They love their home but wanted a complete and cohesive look. They brought on our design team to help with some key renovation items and furnishing throughout to help their space flow, add functionality, and create a cohesive story that matches their eclectic tastes.

Q. Why did the client decide to hire an interior designer rather than taking the project on themselves?

Client, Regan + Josh:

“We were fortunate to acquire a unique home built in 1959 from its original owner. The house was a time capsule that had been styled, furnished, and maintained in its original mid-century modern / mexican design for over 50 years. We wanted desperately to keep the original theme and feel of the house intact while updating the space and personalizing it with our own belongings.”

“After 2 years of tackling this project on our own, we realized we needed professional guidance to achieve the overall look and feel we’ve been wanting. Not to mention, with three little kids demanding most of our free time, we just didn’t have the time or energy to get this project completed on our own anytime soon.”

– regan & josh

Step 2: The Design Phase

Here’s where we took everything we learned from our clients at our consultation and intake process and put all that information and our creativity to work for our clients. We started really getting to know how our clients live and experience their home and how we could make it better, all while embodying and elevating their personal style. Then we started by gathering inspiration from our client in the form of a Pinterest board and began to collaborate between our Dallas and Seattle offices on the design.


Q. What is the inspiration behind the new design?

The home’s architecture itself is a huge inspiration for the design and it’s all about bringing this home into today. The house was originally built in 1959 with some amazing unique features, which the clients wanted to keep and we wanted to design around. We wanted those original architectural elements enhanced and to create an updated stylish and functional flow throughout the entire home. It will have an incredibly modern and eclectic feel that’s a pure reflection of our homeowner’s unique style.

Q. What was a unique design challenge and how is Pulp solving the problem?

The client was attached to several items existing from the original design of the home because they had a meaning to the original architecture. One of those items was the unique wall covering, which covered the Powder Bath door. But, it really needed a update! We were able to compromise by moving forward with new wall covering. We kept the door and are using it in a creative way by turning it into a unique piece of artwork. Everyone wins!

Q. What about the new design is the client most excited for?

Client, Regan + Josh:

“We are most looking forward to a unified design approach to our crazy and eclectic home. So far, we’ve had one room wallpapered, and based on those results,  we are beyond ecstatic for the rest of the design to get installed. Pulp understands the look we are trying to achieve, and we’re just so excited to see the final outcome!”

– regan & josh


Step 3: Execution + Installation


Status: In-progess! All the approved furnishing items are arriving and almost ready for installation, some of the wall covering has been installed, and we are moving forward on the renovation portions of some of the final spaces in the home. We will share the process on @pulpdesigns as it’s available…