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5 must haves for cinco de mayo

5 Must-Haves for Cinco De Mayo

Even though Cinco De Mayo is on a Thursday, carry that Fiesta into the weekend with these must-haves for the perfect Cinco De Mayo…

  1. These Mexican Mimosas are great for that Sunday brunch.
  2. Hello Fiesta in a glass! This is the best Michelada recipe!
  3. Quick, easy and tasty Mexican Corn Dip!  It will be a favorite at any get-together and easy enough for those who don’t cook.  It’s so good you don’t even need the chips!
  4. My go to Mexican Fiesta decoration website!  Sarape’s, Banners, Pinata’s and more!
  5. Items produced in the small villages of Mexico by the hands of creative and powerful women, Mi Golondrina has gorgeous Mexican clothing and more!    


Featured image by Carolina Gentry 

Wellness Room Essentials

Essentials for your Wellness & Meditation Room

A meditation, or wellness, room is a space dedicated to prayer, exercise or just mindful quiet time. It’s a place that you can retreat to on a daily basis, if even just for a few moments.  Make sure your space is uncluttered, with a serene color palette, and incorporates touches of nature, as well as personal elements. If you have a spare room, or even an open corner in your home, you’ll soon see that having such a luxurious space, will benefit your mind, body, and soul.

See the 13 essentials for your perfect wellness & meditation room…Wellness Room.001

1. doTERRA Petal Diffuser | 2. doTERRA Essential Oils | 3. Chaz Pillow in Sage | 4. The (Big) Towel | 5. Quartz Cluster | 6. Sheepskin Ivory Rug | 7.  Ivory Claude Mirror | 8. S’well Insulated Water Bottle | 9. Tropics Jute Rug | 10. Crackled Jade Zen Bust | 11. Votive Candle Set | 12. Ocean Spider Plant | 13. Anthracite Pouf |

For professional interior design services,  Pulp Design Studios®.

Featured image from Bianco Nero

Gessi Fascino showers

Gessi: The Ultimate Bathroom Experience

We recently attended the 2016 Milan International Design Week as Design Hounds! We are still awestruck by all the amazing things we saw and experienced. We got to scour amazing vendors for new products for our clients, get behind-the-scenes looks at some amazing hidden design gems, and connect with some amazing people in our industry. One of our biggest takeaways from Italy was getting to see the showroom of a long time Pulp favorite, Gessi. We love and use Gessi plumbing fixtures for our clients, but the chance to tour their showroom in the fashion district of Milan made us fall in love with these amazing products all over again.

What we love about Gessi, outside of their gorgeous products, is their values and mission so tightly align with Pulp’s firm approach and philosophy: That the everyday experience should be elevated to significance dedicated to wellbeing.

Gessi’s mission is to make everyday life more pleasant with objects of extraordinary beauty and functionality. Their style has revolutionized the perception of a faucet from a mere plumbing fitting to an object of art, aspiration, and decoration.

Gessi’s philosophy is to push the bathroom beyond its traditional function as a strictly utilitarian environment devoid of any aesthetic significance and, instead, transform it into a true private spa where one spends quality time dedicated to physical and mental wellbeing.

Fascino Gessi glass holder and dispenser


See snapshots from our incredible experience at their fashion forward showroom. Innovation, gorgeous forms, and tons of customizable finish options. Every designer’s dream. Gessi is truly a match made in heaven for our clients who want more than just a bathroom, but an elevated experience.

Enjoy our own personal tour of the Gessi showroom in Milano…

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 6   FullSizeRender 7   FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 9


Featured image from Gessi

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Dream meanings

5 Links for your Nighttime Dreams

Our bedrooms are not only meant as a retreat from the day or a place to lay our heads at night. If done right, they are a space that will enhance creativity and truly recharge you for the day ahead. Dreams are just one of the ways we are able to take advantage of that enhanced creativity and connection to our inner selves. See the links below for how to get the most out of your bedroom sanctuary and your nightly dreams.

  1. Better sleep is just one of the benefits of a well-designed bedroom.
  2. Dreams are usually a result of actions happening in your life. Here are 11 surprising things that affect your dreams and how you can use them to your benefit.
  3. Having a slew of nightmares can take a toll on some people and affect your sleep at night. Follow these 5 steps to have better dreams during sleep.
  4. No matter how relaxed, you cannot have a good night’s sleep on a bad mattress. Check out this guide to find the best mattress for your sleep needs.
  5. 8 ways to actually improve your sleep by enhancing your dreams.


Featured image by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia December 2015


Tips for Perfectly Organized Kitchen Drawers

Drawer organization is extremely important!  Let’s face it, it’s really easy for drawers to turn into unruly bottomless pits of kitchen gadgets, twisty ties, ziplock bags etc… Follow these 5 tips for perfectly organized kitchen drawers.


  1. PURGE: Sift through everything you have and get rid of anything you haven’t used in a very long time.  If you haven’t used it in years you probably won’t use it, so throw it out.
  2. STREAMLINE: Organize things based on its use.  Put all of the cooking utensils in one pile, prep utensils and gadgets in another pile, baking utensils in another pile etc. etc you get the gist.
  3. PRIORITIZE: Based on the size of your kitchen or the amount of drawer space you have, prioritize what items will need immediate access.  For example, keep all of the cooking spoons close to the stove, all of the knives and cutting boards close to each other since they will be used together.
  4. ORGANIZE: Purchase drawer organizers that fit the size of your drawers.  For utensils, I personally like bamboo dividers that are expandable and easy to move around based on the size of your drawer.
  5. SEASON: If you have the space, creating a spice drawer is amazing.  If your supermarket has a bulk foods section, check it out and buy the spices in little baggies at 1/4 of the cost you would if you bought them in a jar and store them in your own jars.  It will save you time and money!

Drawer Organization.001

1. Lipper International Expandable Bamboo Utensil Holder | 2. Seville 5 Piece Bamboo Organizer Boxes | 3. Bamboo Knife Dock | 4. Droppar Spice Jar | 5. Variera Insert for Spice Jars |

Featured image from SieMatic 

Hot Home Trend: Brutalist Style

Hot Home Trend: Brutalist Style

The term “brutalism” was coined in the 1950’s when architects were working with concrete and steel, creating blocky building designs. Here at Pulp Design Studios we are head over heels for this style! It creates such a strong edgy vibe that we love seeing in our client projects! Check out our favorite lighting, furniture, and accessories with a brutalist flair…

Brutalist Style.001

1. Matthew Pendant | 2. Swanson Lamp | 3. Brutalist Accent Table | 4. Abstract Zinc Sculpture | 5. Trinidad Sconce | 6. Pippa Stool | 7. Small Cube Block Sculpture |

Shop some of the other inspired furnishings and accessories here!

Featured imaged from Architectura on Bloglovin’

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Top 5 Restaurants for a Date Night out in Seattle

Three must-haves for the perfect date night: great ambiance, great food, and a great partner. Here are 5 restaurants in the Seattle area that have 2 of the 3 must-haves, all you have to do is bring an excellent partner…

1. Walrus & Carpenter: Oysters & other seafood American plates & specialty cocktails in a small, simple space. The absolute best Oysters are here!walrus-photo-6

2. Essex: Decorated in subway tiles & damask wallpaper, this bar offers cocktails with handmade ingredients.Essex. Seattle, WA.

3. Serafina: Old-world Italian restaurant with a multiregional, traditional menu & a seasonal outdoor patio.o

4. Spinasse: Bustling, high-end Northern Italian restaurant in a cozy, rustic space with an open kitchen. main-photo-01

5. The Corson Building: A daily menu of seasonal American fare is served family-style at communal tables in a 1910 house. 146883-7702040-Corson_0139


Featured image from Walrus and the Carpenter 

Pulp In-Progress: Whole Home Rennovation

Pulp In Progress: Whole Home Renovation in Queen Anne

As part of our Three Step Design Process, we are taking you on a tour through projects that are currently in progress. It will be a fun look into who we’re working with, what made them want to hire a designer, and how we are working with our clients to help solve some key design challenges that will improve their daily experience. Plus, you’ll get a glimpse at some of our designs before they’re completed!

Step 1: Consultation + Intake

Our busy clients found Pulp Design Studios through friends and neighbors in the highly sought after Queen Anne Neighborhood in Seattle. They called upon us in the midst of their large home renovation and wanted our guidance to fill in the blanks. After our interior design consultation where we offered some insightful suggestions, we quickly gained their trust and were brought on board to design their entire home. Our clients could see our creative vision for their home and knew the impact we could have on their space and on the important end-result.

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Q. Who is the client and what is their scope of work?

Our clients are a busy family with two school-aged children and are both creative entrepreneurs in the Seattle-area. Our clients have hip and creative personalities and  needed help translating that style into their home. They came to Pulp for help finalizing their renovation and we have now taken on the interior design of their home in phases, beginning with furnishing and continuing through next year into a dining room addition.

Q. Why did the client decide to hire an interior designer rather than taking the project on themselves?

Client, Mark + Rachel:

“We did much of an extensive cosmetic remodel ourselves; floors, paint, trim, fireplace.”

It was apparent to us that when we started lighting selection that we could really benefit by using an interior designer. From there, Pulp helped us with furnishings by merging our tastes and helping us feel more confident making the house more modern (rather than going for a traditional look, that wasn’t really us).

– Mark & Rachel, pulp client

Step 2: The Design Phase

Here’s where we took everything we learned from our clients at our consultation and intake process and put all that information and our creativity to work for our clients. We started really getting to know how our clients live and experience their home and how we could make it better, all while embodying and elevating their personal style. Then we started by gathering inspiration from our client in the form of a Pinterest board and began to collaborate between our Dallas and Seattle offices on the design.

seattle best interior designers, dallas best interior designers, residential interior designers, kitchen interior designers, seattle decorators, dallas decorators,

Q. What is the inspiration behind the new design?

After digging deep into our client’s taste through our Splendid Living approach, we found that our clients are both passionate about fashion and have a great sense of style (which we can’t get enough of!). They love brands like Rag & Bone, Lanvin, and other strong, edgy labels that have an urban energy. Our job was to articulate their love for fashion and translate it into a chic luxe space that’s family-friendly and will stand the test of time.

Q. What was a unique design challenge and how is Pulp solving the problem?

The home was previously owned and built by a shipyard manager in the early 1900’s. We love a home with history and our clients wanted to honor the history, as well. Our challenge was to take some of those existing elements and incorporate them with a modern approach.


Q. What about the new design is the client most excited for?

Client, Mark + Rachel:

Easy. The lighting, but maybe it’s because it’s the only thing that’s been installed and it’s gorgeous! Seeing it all together will be exciting!

– Mark & Rachel, pulp client


Step 3: Execution + Installation

Status: In-progress! Our client’s renovation is almost complete, including the installation of all of our amazing light fixtures and wallcovering. Furniture & drapery are on order and many of the custom pieces we designed are currently being made, just for our client. We will share the process on @pulpdesigns Instagram as it’s available…