The Pulp Edit: January 2017


Happy New Year!

We’re back in the office, refreshed and ready to jump head-first into a new approach to our editorial posts in 2017. We’re honing in sharply on the world of interiors, sharing more of our focused expertise on interior design, furnishings and building trends. Of course, we’ll continue to share our work and behind-the-scenes insight to the design process at Pulp. Each month, we’ll bring you content revolving around a central theme.

This month, we’re reflecting on luxury in design. “Luxury” doesn’t just refer to cost — it’s expertly created fabrics and rugs, perfectly curated and customized art, and long-lasting pieces with textures that you drool over. Luxury is more than money spent: it’s a feeling, a way of living. Our interior design clients come to us for our ability to define and execute their styles while infusing little bits of that classic “Pulp style” — punches of texture, color, and graphics wrapped up in luxurious layers. 

At Pulp, we’re always striving to create a space our clients feel luxurious in. This January, we’re spilling our secrets on what makes life luxurious, starting with our favorite luxury trends in this month’s Pulp Edit.


Pantone’s just-announced color of the year is the spring-like “greenery,” but we’ve been head over heels about green hues all year. Our favorites? Sophisticated olives, bold kellys, and romantic emeralds.


Let’s face it — the design world has been obsessed with golds for years. We still love pops of gold here and there, but we’re loving the resurgence of another metallic: silver.


Four walls, one floor, one ceiling — the best design involves all six. Take this gorgeous project featured in Architectural Digest: beautiful marbles that stretch across all six sides.


We’ve been dying over this porcelain and ceramic artist, local to our Seattle office — ‘s multi-dimensional, impactful pieces add an entirely new element to whatever space they’re placed in.


Texture is just as important as print and color when it comes to design. We love textural wall coverings that add an extra layer of sophistication to the room, like this gorgeous wall covering we’re installing in a current client’s residence.


Fendi’s incredible fox fur trim sofa is the definition of luxury. This beautiful chartreuse hue and architectural shape only add to the opulence of the fox trim.


Despite the resurgence of silver, brass paired with black is still a strong trend. We’re in love with this beautiful custom-made set of drawers that takes a spin on the well-established trend.


Curated art makes a room. We’re obsessed with portraits that take a spin on classic art styles by combining art genres and elevating classic portraiture.


In a world full of Pinterest-gone-wrong creations, this set of well-edited statement stairs stands out. Perfectly executed and installed, we’re drooling over this beautiful statement piece.


Little indulgences — like Petrossian caviar — are the essence of luxury. Take that bath, buy that throw you’ve been lusting over, pick up some of your favorite caviar and Prosecco.

All month, we’ll be talking about what makes life luxurious — from beautifully crafted materials and one-of-a-kind creations to spaces that perfectly reflect the way you want to live. Come back to the Pulp site all January for more on luxury construction trends, materials, and fixtures… We’ll see you then.

Beth + Carolina