8 Tips for Creating the Perfect Vanity


Creating the perfect oasis inside your home is essential to zen and well-being. We love creating spa-like baths inside our interior design clients’ homes — personalizing these spaces even further can be the key to making the perfect place to unwind.

In our Lakehouse Retreat master bathroom, we created a vanity ideal for our client to have some space to herself. It’s global-influenced and filled with found objects from our client’s travels. Making an oasis is an art — here are our favorite tips for creating the perfect vanity.

An Expert Guide to the Perfect Vanity

1. Comfortable seating. Being able to get comfortable at your vanity is reliant on choosing the right seating. Stools are always a good choice — being able to tuck away your seating when it’s not in use makes the space more efficient. Choose wipeable and cleanable pieces that last through face masks and makeup spills.

2. Beautiful and efficient storage. Your vanity instantly becomes more peaceful and calming when organized. Put all of your small essentials — think cotton balls and vitamins — into gorgeous jars for storage, then use trays and boxes to sort items like deodorant and toothpaste.

3. Plush rugs. Having a h rug in the space can be the difference between an oasis and a work station — imagine that soft material against your feet! Just make sure to buy a cleanable and wipeable material.

4. Personalize your space. Add dual-function accessories to brighten up the space — a vase can perfectly double as a bangle holder while a gorgeous bowl can keep your makeup brushes organized.

5. Get the lighting right. For optimal vanity lighting, opt for eye level sconces to perfectly illuminate your face. If you don’t have these, a beautiful countertop lamp makes a great substitute. Lighting is everything, ladies.

6. Elegant displays for your skincare necessities. Don’t be afraid to display your skincare products on the countertop — keep the chaos contained by arranging your go-to serums on an elegant tray. Pretty little touches of organization are the perfect way to keep your necessities within arms reach while adding a little style.

7. Brighten up your mood with fresh flowers in vases. Keep gorgeous vases on your vanity for an instant mood booster. The floral scent will wake you up in the morning and help you relax before bed.

8. Keep a pair of slippers on hand. Store your slippers next to your vanity — keep your toes warm while applying your makeup in the morning and add that extra element of luxury to your routine.


1. Wellington Mirror | 2. Peach & Lilly Sheet Mask Set | 3. Sweeney Lamp | 4. Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil | 5. Mark G Gold Leaf Desk ( Pulp to purchase) | 6.  Prism Rug | 7. DuPont Faux Shagreen Pouf | 8. Snail Shell Container | 9. Piedmont Vase | 10. Patricia Green Glam Scuff Slipper

Comfortable and chic is the way to go when creating your perfect vanity — find the perfect balance between personalized, inviting elements and h-yet-luxurious pieces.


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