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Pulp Design Studios Monthly Wrap July 2017

Monthly Wrap: July 2017 Edition

We spent July loving all things travel and adventure. Whether we’re designing spaces to host visitors from afar in our interior design clients‘ homes or sourcing beautiful pieces inspired by our favorite destinations, we are always loving the way adventure makes its way into design. Revisit your favorite posts from this month…


The Pulp Editorial Monthly Wrap for July 2017

Jetsetter’s Guide to Luxurious Travel | The 14 Things You Need in Your Guest Room | Interior Trend — Global Tile | Global Home: 5 Destination Inspired Pieces | Business of Design — Preparing for an Install | 10 Essentials for Dining Al Fresco | The Pulp Edit | Designing for Travel + Adventure | Our Favorite Rooms to Design | Curating Personal Collections

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Curating Personal Collections

This month we have been talking all about travel and global in interior design. Not only do we love to explore, but we are always immersed in adventurous designs for our well traveled interior design clients. While we are experts at sourcing new accessories and furnishings, we also curate and integrate our clients’ found objects into our designs. One of the benefits of working with an interior designer is our ability to integrate existing pieces, but still entirely transform a space. Our guide to curating collections, from family artwork to globally found pieces…

Interior Designer Guide to Curating Collections

Co-Founder + Principal Interior Designer

Elevate small items with glass boxes. 

Displaying a client’s collection of smaller items in clear glass boxes is a great way to add dimension and style to personal objects.

Pulp Home Large Glass Box

Glass Mirror Box

Co-Founder + Principal Interior Designer 

Create a gallery wall. 

We once worked with a client who had an extensive art collection so we created a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall to display their original pieces in a bold way.

Pulp Gallery Wall

Senior Interior Designer + Purchasing Manager

Frame meaningful pieces. 

We often with with clients who have their kids’ art displayed throughout the house. Framing these pieces in acrylic boxes or modern frames gives children’s artwork a sense of sophistication while making the pieces pop.

Pulp Home Frames

Modern Mosaic Frame


Layer heirloom rugs.

Pairing antique or family heirloom rugs with a modern sisal or jute rug adds a modern and collected look to a space.


Cream and Jute Rug

Junior Designer

Reupholster or add interesting hardware.

I love when a client has a piece of furniture they want us to incorporate into our design and we have the opportunity to give it new life by reupholstering it in a fun or interesting fabric. You can also add unique hardware, like our Starburst Pulls, to transform and existing piece.

Pulp Home Starburst Pull

Starburst Pull Hardware

Junior Designer

Accent style and personality with coffee table books.

I love looking for coffee table books to incorporate that are meaningful to each client. Whether they love travel, art, fashion or the outdoors, book selections can speak to their personalities and create a cohesive design when added to existing collections.

Pulp Home Coffee Table

Coffee Table Books

Bringing carefully selected items home from travels is such a great way to remember your adventures and add global flair to your home. What found items do you cherish?

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Lay It Out

Pulp Design Studios July Pulp Edit

The Pulp Edit: July 2017

July has been full of spaces with a creative and vibrant flair here at Pulp. With summer in full swing, we rounded up our top 10 interior design trends of July 2017…

Bien Fait In the Wild Wallcovering

This wallcovering from Bien Fait is the definition of a design element with a flair for the unexpected. The captivating illustration feels straight out of an enchanting children’s book, but is so striking we could see it in a space for adults or youth.


Pulp Edit Dynamic Ceiling from Nobu

The dynamic floor-to-celing design of Nobu’s relocated New York location has us wanting to make a trip back to the city. Photographed by Eric Laignel in Interior Design‘s June 2017 issue, the paneled ceiling leaves no inch of the space untouched, demonstrating just how powerful bold design can be.


Pulp Edit Layered Asymmetry Elle Decor

We love the way the layered asymmetry in this room designed by Herdandez Greene gives the space a curated artisan feel. The geometric wallcovering paired with various sized artwork creates contrast that draws the eye, but still feels cohesive. We discovered this stunning room photographed by Peter Murdoch in House Beautiful May 2017.


Pulp Edit Whimsical Forms in Children's Room

We featured frameless furniture in last month’s Pulp Edit and were instantly obsessed when we found this kid’s room in Domino Magazine. The whimsical details sprinkled throughout the space set the perfect tone for an imaginative children’s room. This photo by Skye Parrot is sure to inspire.


Pulp Edit Spotlight Artist

Spotted in Elle Decor, this piece by Helen Frankenthaler is an intriguing abstractionist representation of a natural landscape. We approach design with an eye for adventure, artisan pieces and all things with a flair for the unexpected which has us loving abstract art.


Pulp Edit, side table by Grain

These side tables, crafted in the Pacific Northwest by Chelsea and James Minola and featured in Interior Design June 2017, are simply amazing. Not only do they offer ample surface space for organization, but the modern design is truly something you cannot find elsewhere. Definitely a piece to spark conversation…


Pulp Edit Home Gallery Architectural Digest

A house built to display an art collection — we couldn’t love it more. We love working with clients who have collection impressive artwork over the years. Creating a gallery feel in your home makes the entire space exude sophistication. Featured in August’s issue of Architectural Digest and photographed by François Dischinger, this striking image is awe-inspiring.


 Pulp Edit Schumacher Wallcovering
From the color to the pattern, our design team has been all over this wallcovering by Celerie Kemble. It’s no secret that we love designing walls that make a statement, so it was love at first sight when we laid eyes on this wallcovering.


Pulp Edit Katherine Bradford
While this piece is entitled “Fear of Waves” it has us wanting to jump into the ocean and swim in the sun more than ever. Bradford’s use of color and expression of human form is captivating and makes for a collection of pieces we would love to use in our clients’ homes.  Bradford was recently featured in a piece by Julie Belcove in the July/August issue of Elle Decor.


Pulp Edit Modern Ceramics by Paola Paronetto
Paola Paronetto’s ceramic creations are like nothing we have seen before. Her use of texture, form and material make for artisan ceramics that would both draw attention to and complete a contemporary space. We are always sourcing unique art, like these modern bottles, to use in our designs. Paronetto’s pieces were featured in the June 2017 issue of Interior Design.


Which design trend are you loving most this month?

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Our years of experience in residential design makes us experts at designing beautiful spaces that function effortlessly for those who live in them. We love designing rooms that our interior design clients get use out of and absolutely love. We revealed just why certain home spaces are our favorite rooms to design.

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Our Favorite Rooms to Design

Beth + Carolina share their favorite spaces to design.

Pulp Outdoor Entertaining

10 Essentials for Dining Al Fresco

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the warm evening breeze while sipping on some bubbly in good company. We frequently design spaces for our interior design clients that make the perfect spot to have your friends and family over for an evening of good food and conversation. With bountiful long and warm days, this is the perfect time to curate an evening of luxury to be enjoyed by those you love. Grab the hors d’oeuvres, your favorite cocktail recipes and savor the summer nights in sophistication with our ten essentials for dining Al Fresco…

Pulp design studios essentials for dining al fresco

1.  Marcel Ice Bucket | 2. Quartz Corkscrew | 3. Edison String Lights | 4.  Succulent and Moss in Ribbed Ceramics | 5. Kim Seybert Flare Placemat | 6. Dom Pérignon | 7. Margarita Throw | 8. Juliska Stonewood Bowls | 9. Sferra Festival Linen Oblong Tablecloth | 10. Connor Buddha Folded Place Card

What are your must-haves for summer entertaining?

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Pour Another

Travel In Design

Watch: Designing for Travel + Adventure

We frequently work with interior design clients who have extensive travel experience and collections of beautiful treasurers they found along the way. There is no better way to design with a sense of adventure than to bring a global and personal flair into the spaces we transform for our client. We sat down to share how we integrate our clients’ globally found collections into our designs.

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Designing for Travel + Adventure

Beth + Carolina discuss how they incorporate a client’s globally found collections into their designs.