The Pulp Edit: September 2017

Pulp Design Studios Pulp Edit

We’re kicking off the beginning of Fall with plenty of patterns, perfectly unique details and color. Our top ten favorite interior design trends and materials of September 2017…

LiLi Cement Tile - Pulp Design Studios Trend Pick

This cement tile from is graphic, bold and all around stunning. Unique tile always adds that “wow” factor in a space that every client wants. We have been loving LiLi Tile for their dynamic selection– we’re always uncovering new favorites that inspire a flood of new design ideas.

Pulp Design Studios Trend Pick- Funky Accessories

Can you say Final 15 with a flair for the unexpected? These dice boxes are the perfect blend of a well-styled accessory with personality. There is no day that we aren’t integrating interesting pieces like this into our interior design clients‘ projects. We love those little details that make you do a double take.

Pulp Design Studios Trend Selection- Chic and Unique Bench in Veranda Sept. 17

We spotted this to-die-for bench in the September/October 2017 issue of . Photographed by  and selected by, we love the chic and glamorous feel of this custom bench.

Pulp Design Studios Trend Selection- Stunning Windows in House Beautiful

We love the urban garden feel that these floor-to-ceiling windows create in this room featured in the September 2017 issue of .

Pulp Design Studios Trend Pick - Feather Zebra by Schumacher

It’s no secret that we love a good wallcovering. The Feather Zebra wallcovering by is soft, but still captivating and would create so much interest in a space.

Pulp Design Studios Trend Pick - Anna Redmond Wallcovering

We are loving this vibrant wallcovering by . It’s all about pattern play when it comes to finding that perfect print to elevate a client’s space.

Pulp Design Studios Trend Pick - Pop Art Pillow from BHG

Sometimes a room just needs a punch of pop art. This pillow is fun and funky and adds that extra touch of personality. Spotted in the September 2017 issue of , this hip pillow was photographed by .

Pulp Design Studios Trend Pick - Golden Art from BHG

Flipping through the latest issue of , this intriguing piece of art jumped out. We love selecting pieces like this that instantly captivate everyone’s eyes. This space was photographed by .

Pulp Design Studios Trend Pick- Marble Table in House Beautiful

One trend that will always make our favorites list is bold use of classic materials all over a space. This marble table photographed by  in the September 2017 issue of is every bit luxurious as it is functional.

Pulp Design Studios Trend Picks- Bridget Beari Wallcovering

Last, but certainly not least, is one of our all-time favorite wallcoverings. We recently this beauty in our Dallas Showhouse space and it is nothing but stunning. knows how to do it…

With so many stunning issues hitting the shelves this month, we can’t help but share these ten amazing trends. What are you loving this month?

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