6 Dynamic Sources for Layered Drama

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Our first step of the interior design process is getting to know our clients through our Splendid Living approach. After we have an in-depth idea of who they are and how they live in their space, we take all of our clients’ dreams and desires and start designing.

It all starts with a scheme. This is where we pull together textiles, finishes and accessories into one pretty picture to give our clients a sense of the space that awaits. We recently shared this freshly pulled together scheme and everyone had questions about the sources behind this dynamic design. We love each piece so much that we thought we’d share six of our favorite sources to this work-in-progress…

Scheme Sources.001

Every room deserves a beautiful wallcovering. We selected the Coffered Wood wallcovering by Phillip Jeffries to bring dimension and interest to this space.

Scheme Sources.002

There’s no such thing as rules when it comes to layering in pattern and texture. A vibrant and rich textile for custom pillows, like Feline from Kelly Wearstler, will give this space an extra touch of personality.

Scheme Sources.003

Our signature is design with a flair for the unexpected. We never skimp when it comes to making a major splash in a client’s space, which is why the Feather Fan wallcovering from Schumacher is one of our favorites.

Scheme Sources.004

Spaces need grounding neutrals to help bring the rest of the design to life. S. Harris is a go-to when we are sourcing anything from unforgettable statement to subdued monochrome for our clients. This neutral textile adds necessary texture and warmth to the scheme.

Scheme Sources.005

With a scheme that’s so full of drama, we went for the Hawthorne Albescent tile by Tile Bar to bring this design to completion. Can you say tile goals?

Scheme Sources.006

Last, but certainly not least, Gilded by Schumacher is a total showstopper textile. We are obsessed with this because it layers in both texture and pattern, but can still feel perfectly understated.

It’s so satisfying to watch each piece of a scheme come to life install by install! Our clients love getting to see ideas and inspiration come to life in their own homes.

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