10 Interior Design Trends Taking Over 2018

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The days are flying by as fast as the interior design trends are coming. January felt like trend scouting month as we dashed from airport to airport to check out the latest trends in the world of interiors for our interior design clients. With fresh editorial on the shelves and our hands full of design inspiration, here are 10 new interior trends taking over 2018.

The Pulp Edit: February 2018

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.001

Tufted sofas are everything and we can’t get over how much depth a little traditional or channel tufting adds to a space. This space, designed by Nate Berkus and photographed by Chris Dibble for Gray Magazine, is the epitome of why we love tufted furniture so much.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.002

Gucci‘s SS18 campaign is like an illustrative tour of every artist and creator’s dream scape. Fittingly titled “Utopian Fantasy”, we think these illustrations by Ignasi Monreal are worthy of a custom frame and place on the wall.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.003

Marble and brass have both earned their respective spots on anyone’s list of favorite interior design trends, so it’s only fitting that someone combine them into one interesting and artisan accessory. We love the combination of these classics!

self care.001

Self-care is just as essential for your well being as an interior designer is for a coveted space. Not only do we love this photo by Kenneth Willardt from Harper’s Bazaar, but  face masks packaged in the perfect size for travel are a forever obsession, which is why we can’t get enough of the Derm Institute Anti-Oxidant Hydration Gel Masque — always in our travel bags!

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.005

This space, photographed by Francois Halard, proves that there’s no such thing as rules when it comes to layered forms and adventurous design. We absolutely love the nod to surrealism in this art studio like loft.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.006

Our designs heavily involve  custom textile work, ranging from drapery to pillows so we see loads of interesting trims in our design clients’ futures. We recently laid eyes on this trim by Mokum and can’t wait to use it in a project.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.007

Interesting uses of tile for flooring has been a hot trend for awhile, but this geometric neutral puts a new twist on intriguing floor design. Photographed by Amanda Oster for Gray Magazine, this space is a stunning example of understated luxury.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.008

You heard it here first — blue monochrome is the new black and white. A burnout velvet by the Romo Group and a new favorite light fixture from SkLo are inspiring a new wave of monochrome in our current projects.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.009

We believe in using every possible surface and furnishing as an opportunity to add interest to our clients’ spaces. This table base is all of our “flair for the unexpected” dreams come true, photographed by Chris Dibble.

Top Interior Design Trends February 2018.010

Wood panels as a backsplash? Yes, please. Photographed by Max Kim-Bee, this space is another simplistic, yet stunning way to create interest in a space.

In summary, 2018 is the year of interest. Innovative applications of traditional materials and unexpected details are key to the most interesting spaces this year.

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