How We Helped a Dallas Client Curate Their Art Collection to Design Perfection

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We know, we know… is there a day that we aren’t raving about our love for art? Well when it comes to interior design, there shouldn’t be a day that art doesn’t enter the conversation; We never leave an interior design client’s home without amazing art. It would be unfinished! One of the only things better than sourcing a new collection ourselves, is getting to work with our clients’ existing personal collections and help them build it to perfection.

Enter a super cool family of 5 in Dallas. He’s a doctor, she supports the office-side of their practice and they have three wonderful school-aged children and they love art. These clients have a seriously impressive collection of energetic, powerful, original, and massive pieces that we couldn’t wait to add to and  build their design around.

Interior Design + Art Collections

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The project in a nutshell: 

Last year our clients decided to buy a new home that needed a full renovation, but after kicking off they decided it was too much work. They chose to buy a new home that could be transformed into something beautiful without gutting the entire structure.

Our clients are very laid-back and just didn’t know what to do with their interiors! After deciding to buy the new home, they wanted it to be finished and beautiful, but knew they lacked the design chops to pull it off themselves, so to the web they went. They found Pulp and brought us on to make all their home dreams a reality.

When we hit the drawing boards at the beginning of this project, we focused on creating balance between their many impactful pieces by introducing a neutral palette with pops of color throughout. We selected a few new pieces to further elevate the fine art found through the home.

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Dallas Interior Design and Art6

Their existing collection includes a variety of pieces, ranging from 7 foot tall pieces to unique ceramic vessels. Our clients have a particular affinity for interesting pottery and sculptural ceramic pieces, so we wanted to build out spaces that brought this passion home. We always give our clients one-of-a-kind interiors so we commissioned a local Dallas artist, Jen Rose, to create custom pieces using colors that complemented our clients’ space.

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We were so happy we got to source an amazing organic wall sculpture by the incredible Gregory Miller, a local Dallas artist who recently passed away. We have been huge fans of Miller’s work and were honored to have clients proudly display his work in their home. It brought an artisan coastal vibe to the space and blended the room’s style with their personalities and passions. Get on our newsletter list for more behind-the-scenes on how we created this space in the weeks to come!

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Our clients had been exploring options to add to their personal collection and consulted us to help guide their decision making. We were able to lend our design eye to the pool of options to help our clients select stunning pieces that they would be proud to display in their home and that suited their personal styles.

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We are in the process of filling this space with some of our favorite art inspired accessories to tie it all together. From coffee table books to sculptures, we found tons of dynamic and interesting accessories to take the artistic feel of their home to the next level. Achieving major shelf-styling goals in every room!

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Pulp in Progress - Dallas Family Home Design4

We’re working our way through this entire home so stay tuned for more as we break down our approach to transforming each room!

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