Tour a Bright Kids Bath Done Right with Our Starburst Hardware

Ivy House Interiors Bath - 4

We love seeing how other designers use our Starburst Pulls in their projects. It’s seriously such an honor when amazing designers want to put our hardware in their own clients’ homes!

Speaking of amazing designers creating stunning spaces with the Starburst Pulls… we had to share this bright and playful kids bath freshly completed by Ivy House Interiors for a precious family of five! We spotted the matte brass pull when the designers were scheming and could hardly wait to see the completed space.

Ivy House Interiors Scheme - 2

Ivy House wanted to create a crisp and clean space with gorgeous vanity mirrors and touches of contrast. They went with a bold, yet soothing marble wall and mint green vanity that was the perfect color for both the girls and boy. They needed to add a bit of flair to the vanity and found the Matte Brass Starburst Pull was the perfect piece for the space.

Ivy House Interiors Bath - 1

Ivy House Interiors Bath - 7

“We loved how your hardware turned out on the vanity, it just gives it just the stylish detail this vanity needed. I went ahead and bought 8, so we plan on using the pulls in other parts of the house!” — Hanieh, Ivy House Interiors Designer

Ivy House Interiors Bath - 3

This bath was designed for Leah Reel, a lifestyle blogger and super stylish mother of three who is in the midst of a whole-home renovation. She recently moved back to Oklahoma City and brought on Ivy House to help with a full remodel after having worked with them in the past. If one thing’s for certain, it’s that her home has a killer kids bath and some seriously cool hardware!

Ivy House Interiors Bath - 6 Ivy House Interiors Bath - 9

We’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting to see how they use the rest of the pulls throughout this already beautiful home! If this space, photographed by Beau and Belle Photography, is any indication of what’s to come, we know it’s going to be a stunner.

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