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Gray Magazine June:July2018_W.001Gray Magazine — June/July 2018
As told by Lauren Mang
Photographed by Amanda Ringstad

Beth Dotolo, Cofounder, Pulp Design Studios

“My grandmother collected glove molds and displayed her jewelry on them. For her, decorating was all about bringing personality into a space, and those hands epitomized her classic, but bold sense of style. My grandmother passed away last year, and I inherited one of her white porcelain hand molds. I keep it in my bedroom, hung with a big statement necklace, as a reminder of how her style inspired me to always want to create beautiful spaces. On one design trip, my parter, Carolina, and I spotted brass hands that have become some of the most highly requested pieces by our clients. We use them to display jewelry, in a home bar, or just as a sculptural conversation starter. We love that they serve a purpose beyond just looking pretty.”

Gray Magazine June:July 2018 Pulp

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