The 3 Steps to a Perfectly Made Bed

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We’re pretty particular about bed making here at Pulp Design Studios. We aren’t rule followers when it comes to design, so we apply the same approach to building perfectly made beds for our interior design clients… but the standards are high. Leaving plenty of room for personalization depending on each client’s individual preference, we do have a few tried and true tricks to making the perfect, designer-approved bed.

The Interior Designer Guide to Making a Bed

Pulp for S Harris Bedroom

Start with the basics.

You’re going to need a few obvious components to create your beautiful and ultra-comfy escape. Flat and fitted sheets are the most basic fundamentals and the ones you will come in most with, so you better make them luxurious. Peacock Alley is our go-to for amazing sheeting.

To make your bed looked styled and finished, you need a matelasse, duvet and layers of pillows (don’t worry, we’ll break this down next). During our in-depth design process, we ask our clients exactly how they like their duvet, whether super fluffy and h, or lightweight and cool, and customize our selections to their preferences.

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Our Art Centric Style client wanted a sleek, structured look so we had a matelasse custom made to create the right look.

Layers, always create layers.

Layers are key when it comes to designing just about anything, from beds to entire rooms. Using a variety of pillow sizes and textured textiles will make your bed look polished and interesting.

There’s no hard rule to pillow arrangements, but a tried and true setup for a king bed includes three euros, two king shams, an accent pillow or two and a lumbar. Mix in different textures and patterns for adventurous or understated luxurious style. This is where we really customize the look for our clients — bring your personality out!

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Now put it all together.

Here’s the trick to photo-worthy bed-making…

Fold back your matelasse and tuck it below the mattress. Fluff out that duvet and double or triple fold it back to the foot of the bed. If you have a lighter weight duvet insert, triple fold it to give it extra volume, creating a h and fluffy look.

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Extra Credit:

*If your bed frame requires a boxspring, a cover is essential — here’s a great option from Peacock Alley!

*Add a chic throw for another later of style. We like the tuck throws under the duvet fold at the end of a bed.

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Start elevating your bed making game by refreshing your space with designer-curated throws and pillows! And of course, we always encourage going custom with adventurous textiles!

Custom spaces that elevate your everyday life are our thing — details down to the down fill and pillow arrangement are always uniquely personalized for our clients. We always say, it’s time to make your home a reflection of you…

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